Fujimura Ryoko
National Institute of Japanese Literature. Librarian

Matsubara Megumi
National Institute of Japanese Literature. Librarian

Yamamoto Kazuaki
National Institute of Japanese Literature. Professor. Vice Director, Center for Collaborative Research on Pre-modern Texts. Ph.D.







Digitized Collection of Pre-modern Japanese Works and Its Use on the NIJL-NW project

The NIJL-NW Project, hosted by National Institute of Japanese Literature (NIJL), launched the “Database of Pre-modern Japanese Works” in 2017.

In cooperation with various domestic and overseas universities and specialized institutions, this database publishes images of pre-modern Japanese works widely. It allows general public to access easily the pre-modern Japanese works from anywhere on the ground, without which they have to visit libraries and holders of such works around the world.

In this presentation, we will introduce the recent efforts of this database: especially, we will demonstrate recently digitized distinctive collections in various fields, such as books on cuisine at Ajinomoto Food Culture Center, on medicine at Fujikawa Bunko of Kyoto and Keio Universities, on Japanese mathematics at Tohoku University, on astronomy at National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, and on fine arts at Tokyo University of Arts.

Additionally, we will introduce the database for information of historical archives and the historical materials of which NIJL has collected: such as the Saigyodo Bunko (Keizo Shibusawa’s collection), the collection of Japanese Industrial History Museum, the Sanjo-nishi family papers, and the Tsugaru family papers.

Furthermore, we show the potentiality of pre-modern Japanese works thorough examples of utilization of these collections from the viewpoints of the digital humanities, the citizen science and the outreach.