Tsuda Mayumi
Keio University

Pedersen, Merete
University of Copenhagen
Librarian - retired

How to make uncatalogued Japanese collections accessible: about a collection in Copenhagen

This presentation is a modest report by two members who met at the EAJRS Oslo Conference in 2017, where we question how we at this stage should proceed in the future. Both Mayumi Tsuda and Merete Pedersen are worried about the increase in institutions that hold Japanese collections, but do not have any staff that understand Japanese.

Tsuda heard that ukiyo-e and Japanese books are not cataloged at the National Gallery of Denmark. She went there to investigate into some matters with the help of Pedersen and then heard that there was no Japanese art expert employed there. She decided to change her plans and to survey all the material on the spot and make a catalog instead. The reason is that she heard that there are no longer any curators and librarians who master Japanese employed at the principal museums and libraries in Copenhagen. The result of this work is a catalog co-authored with Pedersen in both Japanese and English and published in "Keiō Gijuku Daigaku Hiyoshi kiyō. Jinbun kagaku" No. 33 (June 2018) both in print and online. We would like to continue investigating at other museums if there is a need for this there.

Unfortunately, it seems that materials in collections are non-existent, if they are not cataloged. We believe that the solution is a good collaboration with Japanese researchers, but at the moment, many Japanese researchers who make catalogues of Japanese collections cannot imagine what the local staff want. For Japanese researchers going overseas to make surveys in the future, we think that it would be a good idea to set up some guidelines on how to make a catalogue. We would like to use the catalog we made of the holdings at the National Gallery of Denmark as a springboard for discussion and hope to hear many of your opinions.

日本関連資料の死蔵を防ぐ : 在コペンハーゲン資料をめぐって