Ms. Fujimori passed away on Feb 15th. She was in office from October 1958 to April 1994. She created from scratch the Japanese collection at what was then INALCO. Her beginnings is concomitant with the increase of students consecutive of Japan's recovery. Her first acquisition policy was to acquire primary documents: anthologies and complete works of literature, to set up collections of historical documents such as the Dainihon Shiryo 大日本史料, Dainihon komonjo 大日本古文書, etc., and many linguistic studies, all of which contribute today to make the BULAC the primary reference library in these areas of studies. Last but not least, in addition to her professionalism and Japan related expertise, Ms. Fujimori won everyone's admiration and respect for her human qualities: strong personnality, moral elegance, availability and concern towards all.