SHOGAKUKAN Inc. (Kimiwada Masumi)





SHOGAKUKAN was established in 1922 and has become an integrated publisher over the past 97 years. Our publications cover a diverse range of genres from children’s books, educational journals, weekly publications, and fashion magazines, to manga, literature, non-fiction, dictionaries, art, and photography books.

Overseas, SHOGAKUKAN is primarily known as a publisher of manga. Although we currently license an extensive list of manga abroad (such as Doraemon), it is but a small portion of our published works. 

In fact, SHOGAKUKAN has another specialty: high quality, large format, fine art books. Although there were once several publishing houses printing large format fine art books in Japan, many have stopped production on such work. Today, SHOGAKUKAN is a publisher contributing to the very few large format fine art books in Japan. A fine art book of high quality is born from a depth of experience. Its charm is first felt when viewing the actual volume. To both maintain this experience and to have many more individuals able to examine and feel these fine art books with their own hands—to observe the quality of the paper and printing—we are once again participating in EAJRS. At our booth this year, we are exhibiting a different lineup of fine art books featuring everything from new releases to art books so precious they may be impossible to print twice.

Of course, not only have we brought fine art books. We would also like to share SHOGAKUKAN's specialty high-level authorial manga, children's educational books and dictionaries that can be utilized for Japanese language learning, and many other publications with which we hope you might come to know the breadth of our current offerings. We greatly appreciate your taking the time to explore these works with your own hands.