Japan-Europe DH crosstalk

-- 大学図書館による研究支援のこれから --


(日本) 18:00-20:00 / (欧州中央) 10:00-12:00

デジタルアーカイブ学会 第 8 回研究大会サテライト企画(オンライン)





Kotenseki seminar

The National Institute of Japanese Literature (NIJL) and European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists (EAJRS) would like to invite you to the newly inaugurate Kotenseki Seminar. This seminar series covers various topics related to Japanese pre-modern materials. The online lectures will be given by a researcher from NIJL in Japanese. No English translation will be given.

Video: The Role of Libraries in Implementing Inclusive Information Society

Dear Colleagues,

The National Diet Library recently held a webinar entitled The Role of Libraries in Implementing Inclusive Information Society- Centered on the National Library for the Disabled -and a video of the webinar is now available on the NDL’s YouTube channel.

https://youtu.be/oNTpzfjqFb8 (with simultaneous interpretation in Japanese)
https://youtu.be/YLQh-k-yT4k (in Korean)

Webinar: Information Sources for Japanese Studies

The National Diet Library Japan would like to announce
"Webinar: Information Sources for Japanese Studies" to be held in February 2023.
For details, see [ https://www.ndl.go.jp/en/library/training_jsl.html ]

This webinar is intended for librarians, researchers, and other people outside of Japan who are engaged in Japanese studies.
The goal of this webinar is to teach and improve basic skills for finding and using information related to research in Japanese studies.

The Inside Stories of Japanese Academic Publishing 2

You might remember that Kinokuniya hosted an online event last July titled ‘The Inside Stories of Japanese Academic Publishing’.
As we received many positive feedbacks from all of you who had attended, we are very happy to inform you that we are doing another one next week!
This time, three academic publishers below will have a discussion with a focus on digital publishing post-covid.
The session will be about 90 minutes in total in Japanese, and the webinar recording will be available to the registrants for one week.