Kuzushiji workshop 2022 accepting applications

The NIJL/EAJRS Kuzushi-ji Workshop will be held online between 20 and 23 April 2022. This year, the Chester Beatty will provide some of its collections for the workshop. The workshop is free of charge. If you wish to apply for the workshop, please fill in the application form, and submit it by 13 March. The detailed information can be found in this PDF

Kuzushiji workshop 2021 (online / Oslo)

Date: 3 days: 21-23 April 2021, 10:30-15:50 (Central Europe Summer Time)

Instructors: Professor Yamamoto Kazuaki, first 5 sessions on 古典籍. Associate Professor Ōta Naohiro, last 4 sessions on 古文書.

Committee Members: Akira Hirano, Naomi Yabe Magnussen, Izumi Tytler (adviser)

Format: ZOOM (supported by Oslo University). 3 sessions a day. 70 minutes a session. Each session had lecture part and practise part.

Kuzushiji workshop 2021 in preparation

We are pleased to announce that we are preparing to hold the NIJL/EAJRS Kuzushiji Workshop in online format in the spring of 2021. As this Workshop series has never been held in online, we are having rigorous discussion with NIJL to be able to deliver the most effective means of the workshop in these pandemic circumstances. Detailed information such as the schedule, contents, and method of the workshop will be notified when we reach a final decision by early 2021.

Workshop on Rare Materials for Japanese Studies Librarians and Researchers

The National Diet Library, Japan, is offering a workshop for Japanese Studies Librarians and Researchers held in March 2020 at Tokyo.

This workshop is for librarians, mainly subject librarians, or researchers outside Japan who are expected to engage in reference services or research on Japanese rare materials. The program aims to foster understanding of the rare materials collections owned by the NDL and other research institutions, and to improve skills in utilizing both physical materials and digital content.

Dates: March 2 to March 6, 2020

Waseda goes global

Waseda goes global: a plan to build a worldwide academic network that is open, dynamic and diverse
スーパーグローバル大学創成支援「Waseda Ocean構想」

フランク・ホーレー研究の基盤と展望 ― 遺品資料活動の未来像

ワークショップ フランク・ホーレー研究の基盤と展望 ― 遺品資料活動の未来像

日時:2019年1月25日(金) 16:30~18:15
会場:戸山キャンパス33号館16階 第10会議室
講演者:横山學 早稲田大学招聘研究員(ノートルダム清心女子大学名誉教授)
講演タイトル:「フランク・ホーレー研究の基盤と展望 ―遺品資料活用の未来像」